How to download template



We designed and provided a lot of templates for presentating using in MS PowerPoint. These templates is short templates, has one slide with 2D, 3D graphic and animation effects. Using as inforgraphics or diagrams in your presention.
Editing available and duplicated if you need.

Requied system

- Using MS PowerPoint version 2013 or 2016 for good graphics and animation effects for ordinary templates.
- Using Windows 10 version Insight or Development (update) has Paint 3D feature, MS PowerPoint 365 has Morph transition effect and Insert Model 3D feature for 3D templates.
In addition, if the system requirements are not correct, we do not guarantee the results of presentation as the template was introduced on our site.

How to download

We provide a lot of templates get free (, besides we have some templates you spend minimum 2$ if ordinary templates or 3$ if 3D templates for downloading and using.
If premium templates customer contact with us by email or fanpage for supporting buy.


We only accept payment by PayPal, so customer should uses this payment method ("Add to Cart" in right slide).
For reduce cost price for templates, we don't use ecommerce sevices, so customer has to type out template URL which you want to download and your email to receive template. We will send to you that template by email.
Due to the time zone difference, we can send you templates late about some hours.
Note: No refund and no exchange

Thank you for visiting and using our templates.